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The Beast Of The Belly

by The Busty Brunettes

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I feel the rumblin’ I hear the growl I feel the rumblin’ I fear the growl There’s a beast inside my belly
Can you feed yourself with a clever line The words you painted on your cardboard sign Cracking a smile, pullin’ on those heartstrings Can you earn the 25 cents that it brings Whiskey and wine can swallow the time The pain and loneliness so easy to find The calories you burn, the money that you’ve earned Will you eat or drink when your stomach starts to churn And when your digging through the filth and the trash, and the hidden broken glass Just to find you last meal And when your choking on the flies and the stench and you couldn’t speak a sentence Could you look another man in the eye Does your family know where you are Did they lose hope when you wandered so far Idleness makes the days run the same Could you even tell me your name What were your dreams when you were young Before the cigarettes scorched your lungs Before the drugs ate your mind Were they to feed yourself with a cardboard sign
Ghetto Chinese Grandma Ghetto Chinese Grandma Fù Chún Ēn, Nǐ shì wǒ hǎo sūnzi Ghetto Chinese Grandma Ghetto Chinese Grandma Ah pì ah, Nǐ hén tǎo yèn She's got the brains, the brawns, the will Challenge her and she'll show off her skills Moksha needles puncture the skin Tickle the nerves paralyze you and win Weak men of the west A notion some suggest Well these poor white folk they don't know what hit'em When she steps up and they're bested At their game And learn a little shame Her cuisine is brought to fame Although sometimes it tastes all the same Ramen noodle flavor packets saved up in the drawer Sunflower samurai, strikes swiftly, shells galore Boiling pots and sizzlin scorpions Dragonflies and frosty mountains Douse with Vinegar and soy sauce
A classic New York stand And Mr. Manson from Manhattan Can’t resist a dog So he pays cash upfront in hand ‘Bout to demolish that shit like balrog But Manson, can’t you see? You need to look both ways ‘Fore you cross the street I’m sure we all agree Time square traffic ain’t a safe place to be Two tons of metal and carbon Hurling toward your face But ya busy eating your hot dog No preparation for embrace The ketchup is just right Mixes with the mustard oh so well Sizzles as you take a bite Aroma oily, superb smell But Mr. Manson only sees The beautiful hotdog in front of his nose Sliding down the throat viciously As the car tire squash your fingers and toes You poor stupid man What will the cops say when they arrive You’re enabled banned Yes, you’re paralyzed for life for a beautiful hotdog
Lemme tell you somethin', lady I wanna see your face with mine, with mine Scarfin down that good ol' pizazz, baby That groovy razzle dazzle just got to be a sign I know that you must hungray For some love, for some food, for the funky rhythm mood You are takeout, I'll treat you fine, I say How 'bout some cream while you look at me so lewd Pizzeria, Gelateria I'm not sure if that's how you say it, I saw a video on YouTube that said it's pronounced 'Gelateria’ but ima say Pizzeria & Gelateria That's where I take my ladies, that's where I take my gals Baby, I promise, I swear it's true I don't sing to anyone like I sing to you But it's really hard to change my voice So forgive me if I do, ‘Cause I literally don’t got a choice I've never fell in love before but you make me feel like I have But that could just be the gelato talking, my bad
Whisky Sway 04:04
A warm sting gets my lips It burns slow as my memory slips A boiling rage my fist hits wood Never have I tasted anything so good Blacked out wit emotions run wild Hold me in your arms like a simpering child A Irish brew, sour and pure Puckers up my face, totally unsure Followed up with some cheap beer Drink it down slow to save yourself from tears Broken ties and broken glass This memory I hope will never pass
Gusher Trip 10:58
Hallow's Eve Escape inside Our minds aren't here Up high, unclear Gusher Trip Take a sip Acid Lip Gnarly Whip Mouth is numb My time will come Down slow my eyes See glow breathes lives Supernova skies Drifting right into Winds with sandy tides Journey and enter Mountains fall and die Crying and fleeing Dimensions fly by Inside this gusher trip


This album is about food


released August 18, 2018

Katie - Vocals
Matt - Lead Drums
CJ - Rhythm Drums
Brad - Bass, Melodica
Blake - Uke, Tenor Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Recorded @ Auggy Reed Studios
Engineering, Mixing - Mike Gilliland
Mastering - Conor Robb


all rights reserved



The Busty Brunettes Tulsa, Oklahoma

We're The Busty Brunettes.
We like music, and we hope you like ours.

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